Friday, March 15, 2013

Fresh salad and braising greens for Hortopita and more...

The latest and greatest this week is the return of these fresh salad and braising greens like Arugula, Hon Tsai Tai, Tatsoi, Mizuna, Ruby Streaks, and Pink Lettuce-y Mustard. Like the spinach, they were established in the fall and picked down to crowns before Christmas. Now, with longer days and warmer temperatures inside the hoophouse, they're back, if only for a little while (they keep wanting to bolt, and if we don't keep them picked down, they just might when we're not looking). Suffice it to say that we've been gorging on these greens this week--Steamed and dressed with hot pepper vinegar, wilted with sausage and risotto, thrown in a turkey and mushroom soup, and...the greatest revelation, mixed with spinach in Hortopita, which is just like Spanakopita with the addition of horta (spicy or bitter greens) to the spinach. I found the recipe in the Meditteranean diet cookbook, which is a little lengthy to paste in here (2 whole pages), but if you look up any spanakopita recipe, and just use about half spinach and half braising greens, you'll be set. We'll be bringing other recipes to the market this week for braising greens, and remember that they make a tasty, healthy salad too! You can see we had a big bowl of them, ourselves.

We'll be at the market today with a good supply of both spinach and braising greens, so come on down for the best deal around on fresh organic greens! 1-6 PM at the Topsham Fairgrounds Exhibition Hall.

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