Friday, March 29, 2013

Microgreens for an oh-so-fine spring salad

The table at Whatley Farm is set. To start, a super-fresh salad of microgreens with just a little vinaigrette. You can taste the life in these young sprouts which give you strength and vitality. For the main course, maybe some turnip greens with bacon and onion over rice, a spinach lasagna, pasta with arugula and sun-dried tomato, or a fried eggplant tomato sauce with stewed onions and angel hair. While there isn't anything coming out of the garden for dessert at this point, the freezer does provide wild blueberries, which we saute in butter, then flame with Cold River gin and serve over vanilla ice cream with sea salt sprinkled on top (Ben actually did this, it tastes incredible). When your fridge is full of fresh greens, and your freezer contains some treats from last summer, it's easy to throw something together which is nutritious and delicious.

Those beautiful little babies in the picture are our microgreens--an extra-baby sized salad leaf of mixed greens--and they make a nice spring salad. Inside your bag you'll find frilly purple mustard and mizuna, hon tsai tai, tatsoi, yukina savoy, micro-arugula and more, and you'll find it for sale today at the Midcoast Winter Farmers Market, from 1-6 PM at the Topsham Fairgrounds.

We'll also have fresh baby spinach, arugula, braising greens mix, turnip greens, garlic, shallots, and some of our dry beans.

Our fridge is stocked with convenient, ready-to-eat salad and cooking greens. Is yours? Come stock up today from 1-6 PM at the Topsham Fairgrounds--the Whatleys

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