Friday, April 5, 2013

Pea shoots and Parsnip candy

Today we have two new sweet and wholesome offerings for the Midcoast Winter Farmers Market, which is held as always from 1-6 PM at the Topsham Fairgrounds:

Early this morning Ben harvested Sugar Snap Pea shoots from the greenhouse--cool, clean, and crisp. They make a great snack, a salad addition (mix with our baby spinach and microgreens), or stir fry (just for a minute or two, with garlic and sesame oil). Pea shoots have long been a star of Asian cuisine, but they are new to U.S. farmers' markets. They are full of fresh pea flavor and rich with nutrients. Their juicy stems, soft leaves and delicate tendrils hold the promise of spring!

Ben also dug parsnips fresh from the soil--they came out with frost on them, but that makes all the difference with parnsips, which need the good long freeze of winter to develop their sweetness. These are crunchy and sweet like no other vegetable "candy," and well worth the wait. Supply is limited, so get them while you can. We will be digging them fresh for the next week or two until they are gone.

We will also have baby spinach, and our microgreens mix for salad or snacking. Now is the time to treat your body to fresh, nutrient-dense vegetables after a long winter. Hope to see you later!

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